About us

Shrghtel company since 07/09/1995 with specialized and experienced staff in the field of telecommunication and the purpose of consulting, design, sales , after-sales service systems and telecommunications equipment and supplies began its activities .

During this period the company also partnered with major corporations and companies such as the Kiyatel , Rahyab , Guyan afzar, Hirad, and development & implementation of major telecommunications, and the installation low capacity switches, In a short time it acquired a special place in the province of Khorasan.

We attention to your communication needs, offer digital switches and IP (Soft Switch) with different capacities ; Other equipment ( Post communication, transport equipment , Cell phone , UPS, Inverter , Stabilizer , Charger , sealed lead acid battery, Cabinet batteries and Solar ) with respect to technology.

Switch is provided in the company, in both PBX and PABX are provided for use in office and telecommunications companies. Our attempt is to be acceptable in terms of quality of facilities and amenities in accordance with the latest update, with technical support

Now are proud to have served more than 500 departments, agencies and 300 sites of Telecommunication Company in the provinces of North Khorasan, Razavi and South.